#1-Photo Prompt

Let's turn on the Lights!  I am surprised that I have not seen anyone share a photo incorporating the first photo prompt "First Light".  This one is a toughy for sure, that's why it's called a challenge!  :-D  So, let's discuss the possibilities: What comes to your mind when you hear: "First Light"?  I start running through the first things I do in the morning.  I never turn on any lights and if they are on, I keep my eyes closed until it's time to walk down the stairs.  (For this I do turn on the over-head light!) So, I could take a picture of my stairs!  Next thing I do is squint into the refrigerator to grab the milk for my coffee-I could take a picture of the inside of my frig!  Then I do one of two things, I let the dog out and I see beautiful stars still in the sky, but I'm not set up for time lapse photography at this time, maybe I'll see car headlights but I usually turn away.  I sound like a vampire afraid of the light, but in reality the light hurts my eyes until they get opened with my first cup of coffee.  The second thing I do if DH let's the dog out, I come and sit at my computer to read my e-mails.  So, I could take a picture of my office.
All of these are inside my house, but what about outside?  Street lights are still on!  I could wait for the eastern sky to lighten and take a picture of the mountains with all their glorious fall colors, soon to be snow later today-or I could take a picture of an object when the sun's rays shine on it or I could wait until after the snow storm has passed and grab a picture of the sun shining on the fresh new snow.  There are lots of ideas here and I hope you all will share your ideas with us too in the comments!  Come on-let's get some photos posted!
(This photo is from SXC)


  1. I posted a photo in Flickr
    this is a favorite pose of my cat Alex who passed away about a month ago-miss him every day.

  2. I just had to play today and try to get something done for this first photo prompt. What I ended up with is amazing considering it is a creation from one simple photo. http://inmyartstudio.blogspot.com/

  3. Pam has shared a photo of her "First Light" with us and I posted it over on my challenge blog here: http://inmyartstudio.blogspot.com Go check it out-it's an amazing photo!

  4. Sandy has shared a "First Light" photo with us in her Flickr album: http://www.flickr.com/photos/18826434@N06/5184236365/

  5. Barely made the November deadline; I created a piece for FIRST LIGHT. You can view it on my BLOG.