Finally a Video! August 2011-Challenge

I have finally managed to create a two part video that I could load to blogger and you will find both parts below.  To view these in full-screen mode, look for the 4 arrows that form a box in the lower right corner.
I have to admit, this was lots of fun, but also frustrating.  My microphone is so sensitive that it made the wind sound like a hurricane the other day and forget having a phone ring, or the dog bark!  I have to give kudos to anyone who produces videos of any length, they have my deepest respect.  Videos take just as much practice as any other thing in life and if you want a new experience, try making a short video for the fun of it, then try making one that requires you to follow a script or a teaching video that is created as you go.  This is my 7th attempt and while it is not nearly as perfect as I had hope it would be, I do hope you can view it, hear it and enjoy it.  :-D


  1. Anonymous8/05/2011

    You did a great job !!! this will be my next project.

  2. Thanks! Love those blending modes!

  3. You did a fantastic job!! I've made a few videos for YouTube and I understand about the headaches involved. Try doing a live painting where you can't undo what you've painted. Then you discover, when you try to edit it, all the background noise, your head or hand is in the way! I rarely try it anymore.