Coming Soon!

I've been thinking about what I might be able to share with you this coming New Year, which is almost here! I thought I would like to clean up this site and start with some interesting photo challenges.  Specialty types of photos for DSLR and camera "phone" users.  (I recently discovered how awesome these are!!)
I hope to share a combination of tutorials, some shared links to tutorials, shared links to videos and maybe I'll do a few videos, showing how to create the different photo effects, digitally. 
This is a digitally manipulated photo of a "Partial Silhouette" that I did for CreativeSouls  We are doing silhouette photos all this month in the photography group. It's a fun environment to share with others and get some great feedback and inspiration.  I will be referring to this group often, as we continue to build up the groups that are offered there.  This is a free group site, but if you are interested in selling products, there will be some new membership options coming soon!  I hope you will check it out!  Remember: Membership is free!

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